Longwood, West Bowers Road, Woodham Walter, Maldon, Essex CM9 6RZ, GB

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The perfect wedding venue to gather family and friends.

Essential Information

Our Service

A magical setting for your own intimate wedding celebration. A secluded woodland glade surrounded by glorious views of the countryside. Invite family and friends to enjoy our very special place which the wild creatures and fairies call home!

Tipis, Tents or Marquees

Choose something that perfectly suits you... from rustic tipis, Arabian tents, Indian canopies or a more traditional and classic marquee, make this space all about you!  

Decorating & Setting Up

Of course we understand that to create the perfect scene can take a bit of time- please just ask us how long you need and we will accommodate your needs.

Camping & Parking for Guests

We have plenty of parking for guests- access from the road and within easy walking distance to the ceremony space. We also allow overnight camping.

Food, Drink & Decorations

We have worked with some excellent , local and trusted caterers, florists,mobile bars and event designers. Please check out our 'friends' page or just ask us for more details!